How often are the meetups? 
We meet every other month. Typically, the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Do you meet at the same dog park every month?
No way! One of the coolest perks of being a part of the LA Pug Meetup is exploring different dog parks all over our beautiful city! 

How do I find out where the meetup will be?
The best way to stay up to date on all things LA Pug Meetup is to sign up at Here you will find all the information you need for upcoming meetups, locations, times, and so on. Another great way to stay in the know is by following our Instagram page

I saw a guy in glasses taking fun photos & video of my pug. Where can I see those?
That's my husband Jonpaul. He is the official pug-tographer and you will see him capturing the magic at every meetup! If you sign up at you will receive an email after each meetup with a link to a photo album & video! 

I love pugs but I don't actually have one. Is it weird if I join?
This is LA! Trust me, we've seen weirder things than that. What I'm trying to say is, we would love for you to join us! Pug enthusiasts and future pug parents are more than welcome to go to the meetups. It's actually a great opportunity to chat with pug owners and meet pugs of all shapes and sizes. You can then see if you're ready to officially join the squishy face crew.

I have a pug but I also have another dog breed. Can he/she come too?
Of course! We wouldn't want any pug siblings to feel jealous or left out. The only thing to keep in mind is that we always meet in the small dog section of the dog park.

What usually happens at the meetups?
Honestly, its kind of a dream. Typically, about 65+ pugs run around while pug parents socialize and document the cuteness overload. Each meetup also has a free raffle with special prizes and pup goodies!

I want to support the pug community. Can LA Pug Meetup help?
Totally! LA Pug Meetup was created first and foremost for the love of pugs. With that being said, we are dedicated to giving back to the pug community and dogs in need. During special meet up months we collaborate with Pug Nation Rescue of LA to raise awareness and collect supplies, donations, etc.